The potential risks for twins pregnancy include:

. Premature labor and delivery

. Low weight babies

. Gestational diabetes (diabetes that develops during pregnancy)

. Congenital malformations in the babies

Why is multiple pregnancy a concern?

Pregnancy or multiple pregnancies is a state of increased sensitivity and life in a pregnant woman. It is a very important matter in many cases of infertility and contraception failure.


The first group (mono to tri parity) of the pregnant women is treated differently from the second group (multi-para-ity).

Mono-to-tri parity is the first level of treatment depending on the treatment. This is the most easiest thing to realize and monitor medically. The treatment is simple and immediate by the physicians. The woman doesn’t need to see a doctor every 2 weeks. The treatment is supervised by the doctor or nurse.

The second level of treatment depends on the number of children in a pregnancy. The pregnancy is defined as multi-para-ity, when a woman has more than 3 children.

It is the most difficult and time-consuming thing for the woman to realize and monitor medically.

As mentioned, the medical methods of treatment of multi-para-ity can be applied according to the condition of the woman – her age – pregnancy history. There are so many types of treatment and methods by which medical science manages multi-par-ity like:

The oldest method is to follow the pregnancy by a gynecologist (OB-GYN) by treating the woman like you would treat the first-time pregnancy. (Treatment by a person giving a professional service)

Another method is to take treatment by midwives (a person who specializes in providing comprehensive care through pregnancy through labor and delivery)

The last method is to take treatment by obstetricians (an obstetrics (OB) trained specialist physician)

However, the most important thing in treating twins pregnancy is to do this treatment only when the woman is in the critical period.

The most common complication of the first and second trimester of the pregnancy with twins is called “twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome “, which is another form of twin to twin transfusion. Twin-to-twin transfusion is a life-threatening complication of twin pregnancy, if not diagnosed early enough and treated appropriately it can lead to serious complications and death of both twins. It is only possible to observe at 15 to 18 weeks of gestation and it is a diagnosis of exclusion.

Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) is a complication of twin pregnancy in which there is a difference in the blood volume between the fetuses. The blood from the larger fetus flows into the smaller fetus, which can lead to one of the twins’ heart to grow faster than the other twin. This condition can affect one of the twins as well as both of them. The larger twin can die if left untreated. The smaller twin can be left with kidney damage.

Another possible complication is failure to recognize twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome caused by the failure to correctly diagnose the condition or fail to quickly treat the condition.

A failure to properly detect and treat the condition can cause the condition to become life-threatening.


The main goal of treatment of twins pregnancy is to prevent the death of one of the babies or babies birth injury or death due to complications.

The treatment is the same as the treatment for a first-time twins pregnancy. However, in the case of twins pregnancy, the care of the mother and babies is very important throughout pregnancy.

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