A newborn baby’s head is normally covered by delicate fine hair called lanugo, which grows in just a few days after birth and falls out eventually. By the time the child is three months old the scalp will be almost completely covered by lanugo or thicker hair.

With that said, you can shave a baby’s head in two ways: manually with a razor and clippers; or with a powered electric razor called a buzzer, which we’ll explore here.

The first method is the most time consuming and will take you several days to complete. It is also very messy.

The second method is much faster, but it’s not as effective.

We will explore these methods step by step.

First, you will need the following:

Shaving Cream:

We will be using Alumina shaving cream, which is the cream of choice for many hair removal professionals. It is a thick cream that does not leave your skin greasy.

You can also use baby oil, which is very effective, but you will need to test it on your own skin first.

We will use the Alumina shaving cream for this video.

Shaving Cream Container:

An Alumina container is the perfect size for the amount of cream we will need.

You will notice the container is labeled “Alumina Cream”, which is the name for the shaving cream.We will be using this container.

Alumina Shaving Cream:

Alumina shaving cream has a solid consistency. You will need to mix it with a mixer to get it to a liquid consistency.

We will use this Alumina shaving cream.

Your razor will also need to be clean to ensure you get the best shave.

You can use any brand of electric razor.

We will be using the Remington Razor.

The most important thing to remember is that you need to be extra careful with the razor.

If you are not careful you can rip your baby’s skin, which will leave it with large cuts and scabs.

I will show you how to properly shave a baby’s head, as well as what to expect.

You will need to shave the entire scalp.

There are several methods by which you can shave a baby’s head.We will begin with the most common method that is used by most professionals.

The first step is to shave the entire head with a straight razor.

You can either shave it by hand with a straight razor, or you can do it with an electric razor.

We will be making a baby’s head shave with a straight razor.

You can use a disposable razor, or you can buy a razor that will last you many shaves.

You will need a straight razor for this method, so you will need to find one that is not too expensive.

Your shaving cream should be at least 4 ounces, or about a cup.

You will need a large container, as well as a bowl.

Make sure you use a bowl with a lip to catch the shaving cream, as it will be very messy.

Using a bowl gives you a good amount of control to avoid any unexpected accidents.I will show you how to shave a baby’s head using a straight razor.

Step 1:

Put the bowl under the razor and shave the head as you would shave your own face with a straight razor.

You will be using the same strokes as you would with a razor.

You will start with a stroke like this:

Then you can start shaving your baby’s scalp.

Do not shave the hair too closely, as you will end up cutting your baby’s skin.

Step 2:

Shave all the hair on your baby’s head.

You will need to shave the hair very slowly.

You need to avoid making deep cuts.

You can shave the whole head slowly in several portions.

If you shave the head too quickly it can cause your baby to cry.

Step 3:

Give the baby’s head a little soap and rinse it with a soft towel to remove any shaving cream.

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