One-third need nothing more than ibuprofen to deal with the pain; 10% feel that they haven’t had their labor fully completed; 5% need to return to surgery.”

“A few days after the delivery, the uterine lining is completely expelled, and all of the blood is gone.”

“The uterus usually returns to its pre-pregnant size on the eighth week, after which it begins shrinking. The vaginal opening also returns to its normal size on an average of one month after delivery.”

It typically takes four weeks on average for your uterus to shrink back down to its original size. However, on some occasions many women report that it can take up three months.Are You Feeling Ready for Baby?

Some women just know they have a baby on the brain, while others are suddenly completely ready, while others just feel that they’re not quite ready. No matter what you are feeling, there is nothing wrong with you or your body to not feel ready. I am sharing below what most women feel when their body physically changes as a result of a pregnancy.

I’m Just Gonna Take it Easy with the Labor

Women who have had c-sections have a normal vaginal birth, so don’t feel like you are any less of a woman than those who have had vaginal births. Labor is so challenging that even the most medically experienced birth mothers are struck by anxiety and fear of what’s to come.

Your pregnancy is a life-changing event, but your body is completely changing as well. You don’t have to look physically different than you did before getting pregnant to feel that way. The belly really does make you look fat. Don’t feel bad if you look at yourself in the mirror and stare in a daze at the belly. You are still beautiful, inside and out!

I am feeling like I’m Not Quite Prepared to Nurture a Baby

There is such a thing as feeling emotionally unready, but you are more than prepared to nurture a baby. You are the perfect person to love a baby. Your energy and joy will make the most excited, happy baby you will ever meet. Talk to friends, loved ones, and the people closest to you to take advantage of the support available to you. It helps to have an idea of what your journey ahead will be like, but don’t worry too much about it. You’ll be fine.Check Your Diapers!

When you don’t ever remember getting a positive test for pregnancy, make sure you check your diaper or use a pregnancy test as soon as you go to the bathroom. You might think you’ve missed a spot!Babies Are So Cute!

Looking at a cute baby can make the day worth living. Having a baby is a really awesome challenge, and when you first become pregnant, you start to see how cute your baby is. Your baby has no idea she is actually cute, but if you and your partner can smile at a baby and think that she is cute, you have succeeded in making the day worth living!Be Realistic about Vaginal Birth

Have a realistic expectation of what your birth will be like. Think of what you’ve seen on TV about women being awake during labor. There are women who deliver healthy babies while sleeping, but those are the exception, not the rule. Women who are able to deliver vaginally without pain medication are also largely an exception. The majority of women deliver vaginally via epidural or pitocin. There is no magic pill, but if you have a lot of fear in your mind about the delivery, you will likely be anxious, nauseous or weak, and have to make the decision to put yourself through it for the sake of your baby.Make Sure You Breastfeed

You are an incredible mother, and your baby will be loved enormously and cherished forever. All of this can happen with bottles, in the car, nursling dolls, and even with breast milk banks as you try to be as protective of yourself as you want to be of your baby.

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