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7 Facts You Need To Know

50% of pre-term births are caused by pregnancy induced hypertension. 10% cases of preterm birth are due to polyhydramnios. 20-30% chance of spontaneous labour or rupture of membranes with severe polyhydramnios. The baby’s kicks are the only way the mother can know if her placenta has come away from one portion of the uterus and …


Risks of a Twin Pregnancy for Mother and Babies

The potential risks for twins pregnancy include: . Premature labor and delivery . Low weight babies . Gestational diabetes (diabetes that develops during pregnancy) . Congenital malformations in the babies Why is multiple pregnancy a concern? Pregnancy or multiple pregnancies is a state of increased sensitivity and life in a pregnant woman. It is a …


Symptoms of Twins Pregnancy – Preterm Labor, Preeclampsia, and Hyperemesis Gravidarum

Preterm labor, preeclampsia, and hyperemesis gravidarum are three of the most common types of pregnancy complications. While the causes of these conditions vary, they all carry some very uncomfortable symptoms.These three conditions can cause early-term birth or even miscarriage if not treated in time. If you experience any sudden pain or intense feelings that you …