Child in the beach. Top 5 Bath Toys for Kids

Our youngest son now is scared of the bath because he gets worried that the water will over flow. He’s a toddler and takes showers with a removable shower head that he can move around while he sits in the tub. This post will be a Top 5 Bath Toys for Kids.

But not matter how often we are bathing our kids, we always keep it FUN with bath toys.

So here we have a really great bath toys for toddlers that can help in a shower situation too, if that’s your children’s jam.

Best children’s bath toys that your children enjoy.

All these toys we tried and used over the years. These are all. You will make bath time more peaceful and cooperative if special toys come with bath time only.

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Before I go any further, I’m supposed to share the first thing I’m looking for in a bath toy is an open-ended toy. These are toys that your children will continue to play with throughout their ages and stages.

They’re not just a “single and finished” toy with one feature and all this. When your children grow older, they don;t want to play with the toys anymore, I also stay away from anything related to TV characters (for example, Elmo).

They improve social skills, problem-solving abilities, language skills, communication skills, cognitive capacity, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, self-regulation, imagination and more as children play with open-ended toys.

1. Underwater Eco Toys

I love everything for bath toys from this company. They are made with containers of 100% recycled plastic milk. It does not include BPA, phthalates and PVC for both your earth and kids. In summer, they are suitable for the beach or swimming pool as a double toy.

Underwater Eco Toys. Top 5 Bath Toys for Kids

2. Seacopter Green Toys

Another of Green Toys’ kid;s bath toys is here. My children have been playing in the bath from infancy until primary age. It is built to keep it continuously floating with stabilizing, oversized pontoons, which does not mean that you baby will scream that the seacopter sinks out.

Seacopter Green Toys. Top 5 Bath Toys for Kids

3. My First Tugboat Green Toys

Overall, it’s just a super toy collection for the bath to have. The front of the boat also has a beam, which is great for hair washing with toddlers who don’t like the water in their faces.

My first tugboat Green Toys. Top 5 Bath Toys for Kids

4. Ocean Sea Pack Funcorn Toys.

This is a pack of 52 sea creatures. I’m not a huge fan of squirty toys because they’re starting to grow mold overtime. In my opinion, these are better. A lot of them are pretty solid and hard. Some do have thin, flexible fins, but all in all, they hold up much better over time. Animals are a great option for long- term creative bathing, regardless of your child’s age.

Ocean Sea Pack Funcorn Toys. Top 5 Bath Toys for Kids

5. Tea and cupcake collection Munchkin Bath

It is a perfect bath toy for young children as well as for older children. These days with pretending to have a lot of time for my son, this is the time he uses and asks in showers daily.

Tea and cupcake collection Munchkin Bath

Which are your favorite Top 5 Bath Toys for Kids of this post? Share your ideas in the comments!


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