As parents, we would all like to store our children’s toy box with nice toys, wouldn’t we? We all know what a good toy is like, and yet sometimes our kids end up with, well, not so good toys, e.g. the kind that they play with when they break, lose forget and so on. So here you will have The Best Toys That Educate and Entertain Your Kids.

The toys are fun, attractive and educational in that order. Plus, they don’t need a lot of adult supervision, at least after the initial set-up and instructions. And that’s something any parent can appreciate, but the home parent really needs it.

When searching this list please remember that certain toys that might not be as good for children at the younger end of the suggested age range of manufacturers are still, in fact, perfect for older children. Let’s begin with The Best Toys That Educate and Entertain Your Kids.

Toys of Constructions


The construction of toys stimulates the imagination. A child will build and then play with the toy in his/her mind. Construction toys are particularly nice as they stretch through the centuries. Babies can stack bricks, even young people can still play with Lego (though they may not advertise that to their friends) . Great Toys of Building

Sets of Train

kids playing with set trains

Train sets are like construction toys that you build and then play, except they’ve got wheels. There’s absolutely something about wheels for kids. Thomas the Tank Engine package is perfect because it has personalities in the trains. They’re as if they were dolls… with wheels. Best Sets of Train.

Board Games

girl playing chess

Board games are good toys to keep kids busy for a long time, at least when kids already know how to play and are good sports. Otherwise, Mom has to be too involved to do any work. Also, most games require more than one player, but there are games for one player. Play games with kids when you’re not working so they know how to play and act during a game. You can get a chess here.

Puzzles and Brainteasers


Brainteaser toys and puzzles keep both children’s minds and hands busy. While most brainteaser toys children should be around 8 years of age or so to be successful and engaged, younger children can try puzzle books that can be tailored to any age from toddlers to teens. 100-piece jigsaw puzzles are nice because they don’t take a long time to complete(don’t occupy your kitchen table for a week), but they can still be a challenge. Books to Keep Kids Busy Noodling Puzzle Solutions.

Dress-Up Clothes

The best mom’s buddy is a well-stocked costume collection. And all at a time, you don’t have to buy a lot. Children will live with just the right hat or accessories to their dreams . Ancient Halloween costumes or garage sales pieces are perfect forage clothing.

Musical Toys

musical toys

Listening to music or playing it can keep your kids busy while you’re working. But to keep them from getting bored or frustrated (and your ears from splitting), you’re going to need the right tools, which might include earphones, lessons, or music toys. You can give the baby a xylophone, but don’t expect music, right? Music lessons will provide the basis for children to really entertain themselves musically. But while they are learning, or if music lessons are more than you want to invest, encourage them to use educational music toys as playthings.


girl reading

While not exactly toys, books are good for children. They keep children engaged and can provide ideas for other imaginative games, such as dressing up or building toys. And, unlike TV, it stimulates the brain with all that decoding and processing. Of course, some kids don’t like to read, or they don’t know how. But that doesn’t mean books can’t be part of Mom’s toy chest.

Kits and Art Supplies

Painting kits

Art is a great way to keep children busy. But art can be messy, and art can be supervised by adults. So, choose your art projects carefully, and make a place for art in your home. Arts and craft kits are handy in that they have all the things you need packed together with directions. However, if you want your children to work independently on an art kit, be sure they fall into the upper end of the recommended age range of the manufacturer.


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