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Baby with colic, read these 5 things you need to know

5 things all parents should know about colic Congratulations – you had a baby! Only now your little angel won’t stop crying. And not just crying like every baby does, but constant, inconsolable wailing. What’s going on? It may be colic. Here’s what you need to know. What colic symptoms look like Your baby is …

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Best Positions for labor to Ease Pain (Recommended before labor)

Try these labor positions to ease your pain and discomfort during contractions. BY KIM SCHWORM ACOSTA 1OF 6 Soothing Labor Positions The standard hospital labor position—semi- or fully reclining—is not ideal. When you’re lying on your back, your uterus compresses major blood vessels, potentially depriving the baby of oxygen and making you dizzy or queasy. …