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Preventing common mistakes from new parents and following these effective baby sleep tips can have an enormous impact on the way you sleep and function better as a mother. Having a baby gives you the first real glimpse of the meaning of sleep deprivation, as sleep can be quite elusive in the first few weeks (or months… or years). Between feeding, changing the diaper and keeping up with your household, you can quickly turn around in the well-known Mombie. But you know the most functional baby sleeps tips?

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Mombie a sleep deprived mom who feeds on caffeine.

The Best Tips to To Get Your Baby To Sleep and Stay Asleep.

It’s not easy to get your baby to sleep and stay asleep at last. It can be like an overwhelming and difficult mission when you’re tired.

There are some simple ways to help set your child and yourself up for a successful naptime or bedtime. Here’s my list of the most functional baby sleep tips you will get in 2021.

Baby sleeping

Don’t Keep Them Too Quiet

I’ve been to a lot of my friend’s houses with babies, and the first thing they say is, “We’ve got to be quiet, the baby’s sleeping.”Um? Um? If our household had to be quiet every time a child was asleep, nothing would ever be done and nobody would ever have talked to each other! Babies are used to a noisy womb before they are born. Instead of resting the house when the child sleeps, get your child used to sleeping through the noise.
Vacuum, watch TV, cook dishes, run a washer and a dryer.

Do whatever you usually want, and your baby becomes accustomed to.
Look for a steady and constant noise when you’ve had a light sleeper.

Use a Sound Machine

A good sound machine can make a difference in the world to a shaky child. Sound machines are made of all kinds of noises, from white noise to vacuum cleaners, and are designed to imitate the noisy womb and drown stuff like mom’s voice or even a TV that can easily be woken up or interrupted by sleeping babies. I highly recommend this White Noise Machine, with 24 different sounds and an auto-off feature.

This Baby Sleep Soother is awesome when you fly a lot! It is easy to be assembled and can be clipped onto cars, scooters or jerseys.

Don’t Forget The Black-Out Curtains

As we grow older, we naturally want to sleep when it’s dark and wake up when it’s light. As a baby or a toddler, it’s hard to achieve naturally when they can go to bed when they’re still light or nappy during the day.

Darkness is the key to sleep. When it’s dark, your body gets a signal that it’s time to sleep. Light exposure at the wrong time alters the body’s internal sleep clock—a biological mechanism that regulates sleep-wake cycles. This interferes with your ability to get quality sleep.

Black-out curtains come in all shapes, sizes and colors to match any kind of nursery decor. These cute ones come in a variety of colors and are insulated to help keep the cold out.

Dim The Lights

If your baby is going to bed when it’s still light, dim the lights in the room
where you’re going to have a bedtime routine or the last time you’re going to have them. This will help your child’s internal clock to recognize that it’s time to sleep.

Mom Tip: If you need a night light, try a night light with a red bulb. Red light doesn’t interfere with the “sleep clock” of your baby. Something like this is perfect.

Try To Avoid Baby Being Over-tired

Have you ever seen a child walking around the house at 9 pm?
Have you ever been so tired that you can’t go to bed? It sounds odd, but being too tired can actually prevent you from falling asleep and/or sleeping.

The same applies to children. The overtired child is usually overstimulated, grumpy, and unable to settle. They have an over-drive nervous system and brain.

Avoid this by allowing your child to sleep when they’re tired. Don’t keep your child awake thinking they’re going to sleep longer/better/deeper. Here’s the secret… they’re not.

Rock-a-Bye Baby

Baby sleeping

The gentle movement of a rocking chair or a glider, or even a gentle bounce, can be a calming, rhythmic movement that babies love and have become accustomed to in their wombs. They’ve been blinking, rocking, rolling, bouncing and shaking around for 9 months, and suddenly lying can still be an adjustment.

Baby swings, rocking basins and vibrating rockers can all take the place
of manual rocking and steady rhythm can help keep your baby sleeping longer. The other benefit of any of these is that it allows your child to be rocked while you’re in a position to do things around the house.

Always Follow A Schedule

The schedule teaches your child that food and sleep come on a regular basis. When you bring your newborn home for the first time, it won’t work, your baby will sleep and eat often and whenever they want. As your child grows older, the schedule will not only benefit your child, but you as well.

Keep the sleep routine simple from the start. Children need a routine,
they often want a routine. If you have a long, complicated bedtime or nap routine, eventually you won’t be able to keep it up, and then you don’t have a sleep routine.

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How to Sooth a Fussy Baby

Sleep associations have been formed at a very young age. Do you really want your child to depend on a two-hour sleeping routine that includes a nightly bath, stories, singing, rocking for 20 minutes, etc. When you have your first child, it might be great, but what happens when you get older or have multiple children? You need a sustainable routine that works on a long-term basis.

Full Belly

Kid Sleeping

Make sure your child eats enough during the day. Instead of letting the baby sleep for a long time during the day, wake them up to feed more often. It might be nice to have a few hours to do things around the house while your baby naps during the day, but trust me, in the long run, you will appreciate a baby who sleeps longer at night than the extra hour you had to do the laundry.

During the day, babies should eat every 3 hours, on the longest stretch of the day. If it’s been longer than 3 hours, it’s okay to wake them up to eat.
This helps the child to get all their calories during the day, to be able to sleep longer at night.


Most of the babies love to be swaddled. If your child doesn’t, you probably won’t be swaddling them properly. In order for the swaddle to be effective, it needs to be comfortably tight.

While you can use a normal baby blanket (or towel or sheet) to swaddle a baby, companies have recently caught on the fact that proper swaddling isn’t as easy as you think. Now you can get some really nice blanket (or
swaddlers) that’s made to swaddle the baby with ease. Most of them are like a little bag that you put your baby in and have a velcro closure. Those were my favorite ones! When choosing a blanket, make sure you choose the right size for your baby.

Let Babies Sleep

Quiet baby

If you run to get a baby every time he mumbles, grunts, groans or whines, you may be depriving him of sleep. Babies take an average of 20 minutes to get deep sleep, but they don’t spend a lot of time in that state. Most of your baby’s sleep cycle will be spent in “light” sleep.

Babies make all sorts of noises in their sleep, and they may even cry and squirm around, but they may not actually be awake. Leave them for a few minutes to see if they fall back to sleep, restart the sound machine, pat their backs gently, but don’t pick them up or talk to them. If you don’t have a low deep sound machine, then giving them their soother back may help.

Keep a Comfortable Sleeping Temperature

Babies get cold faster and are more susceptible to changes in temperature. On the other hand, you don’t want your baby to be too hot. I suggest a room thermometer, like the Gro-Egg, which changes color with the room temperature. It’s great at night, when you wouldn’t be able to read a regular thermometer, so you could check it out at a glance.

If you don’t want to use blankets (blankets should be kept out of baby’s bed until they are at least 12 months old) and you don’t want to swaddle, a sleeping bag is a great alternative. Sleep bags come in all sizes, from baby to baby. They also come like a duvet in summer and winter. These have been some of our favorites;

Burp Baby

Eventually, a child who has not been burped effectively will become uncomfortable. The trapped burp is going to be painful and your baby will not be able to sleep. Make sure your child had a chance to burp, even if they didn’t just eat. It’s never hurt to try and burp your baby before you put it down.

Sleep may seem like a distant memory for the first few months, but it’s usually easier. Sticking to the routine and following these sleep tips can
make a difference between a successful bedtime and a sleep-deprived mombie.


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