Bored children stacked in a hot day at home is not a fun mix! Here are a few ideas for children’s fun summer water pistol. Do you want to know why your children love water guns specially in summer? So keep reading.

Kids with water guns

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Growing up, all that was required for children’s fun was a fine water pistol. You can do countless things with a strong water pistol, and just a couple of them get you into trouble. You can do some things to limit those issues if you want your children to enjoy water weapons fun. There are also a range of cool tips to make them more enjoyable!

Water Gun Fun for Kids

Here are a few water gun fun tips to sustain excitement and problems:

Establish a refill station

The one thing I always hated about water guns was the constant foot traffic in and out of her home to refill our guns. Water would be from one end of the house to the other. To solve this, you need only to fill up a kiddy pool or bucket for refills outside. Problem solved. I recommend you this pool for you and your children.

Snazz up the Water

Colored water is the best when you are shooting others with a water gun. Why shoot people with plain old water when you can color the water with dye and make a laser beam better? Make sure you wear old clothes or else you might have some problems in the laundry room.

Establish a No-Shoot Zone

Inevitably, we’d have someone fed up with catching a stream of water in their eyes. My husband or me in the yard can create a shotless zone to solve this issue. Anybody in the shoot-free zone is off boundary. Broken rules contribute to time outs from entertainment.

Play Water Gun Tag

Tag with a water gun is the funniest thing you can imagine. If everyone wears white t-shirts, there’s no question who gets tagged or not.

Give little kids the bigger guns!

Little ones are always at a disadvantage, so give them some heavy artillery. Why let them get soaked while the big kids are having fun? Instead, load them up with a massive water gun that shoots a ton of water in one blast. Give the big kids the little soakers that need more precision. This is the playing field and will empower the little ones to have a lot of fun. Now you know why you children love water guns specially in summer?

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