A couple of years back, my two children got a torrent of Christmas presents. In the wake of being a long way from family and living in Okinawa, Japan for a very long time, our more distant family was prepared to gift the children a lot of toys. That’s the reason cause I created this top 10+ best toys for your kids.

Kids playing

And if I’m saying the true, I was also ready to spoil them ! We were outside of home for a long time, and Christmas felt heartfelt and magical. Feelings of togetherness were in the air. If you can dream wrapping paper blanketing the carpet, this was our Christmas.

There’s just one problem.

Many of the toys we bought to our children, were “one-and-finished” toys at Christmas. These are the kind of toys that don’t teach the kids, encourage or develop them.

A brief example is that we gave him some Zhu Zhu Pets for my eldest, and I regretted it within a few days. The only goal of this toys is to play hamsters. Until the children had explored this intent, the toy wasn’t really exciting, interesting or new.

If it speaks to kids, you should ask them questions, sing songs, light up or even you can brightly colored plastic with a movie or character themes. You will know you have a “one and done” toy on your hands and this top 10+ best toys for your kids will help you.

The”one and done” toy is intended to entertain your kids vs, your kids by amusing themselves with an open ended toy by imaginative play.

There’s more.

Their chances to participate in imaginative, spontaneous play are limited if the children only have access with a common script, such as character-themed toys or light-up toys.

Play, and in particular creative play, is a big key component of building kid’s resilience, ability to focus and also to act intentionally, even when the outcome is unknown.

In adults, these skills translate into competence and ability.

The Best Open Ended Toys for Kids

Kids can learn in a best way through open ended games, which offer more good play opportunities to kids than complex playthings. Simple, toys such as dollhouses, blocks, and art supplies have multiple purposes. Playing with simple toys is up to the child’s mood and creative interpretation.

When children play with open ended toys, they are developing skills like: social , problem-solving , language , communication , cognitive ability, fine motor , gross motor , self regulation, creativity and more.

If you want to cut back or end the screen time and get your child to play independently, like my kids are doing, check out the list below and see if you have a good collection of finished toys in your home.

Here I have, a top 10+ best toys for your kids basic ideas to help you get started.

The Best Blocks and Stem Open Ended Toy Ideas

Blocks are fantastic ended toys...

Art and Craft Open Ended Toys

Puzzles and Games

Science and STEM Open Ended Toys

Pretend Play Props and Toys

Sensory and Fine Motor Open Ended Play

Gross Motor Open Ended Play

Here are my favorite open ended toys that we’ve tried and loved.

The open-ended toys that we have when the children were young toddlers- wooden blocks, wooden toys and a simple dollhouse are still toys that they play with them.

My husband and me, try to gift as many open-ended toys as possible and skip the rest. Here they are the gift that keeps on giving for a lot of years to come! So lets begin with the top 10+ best toys for your kids.

1. Gravity marble run and logic game.

I love the critical skills of this toy! The challenges that develop spatial thinking and planning abilities can help your child meet. This also doubles as an engineering and design toy that offers young players an excellent stealth of learning experience.

2. Pretend vet kit. 

Open ended toys, with boys and girls loving them, should be neutral. When I choose something now, I particularly look at colors and toy design. My son started kindergarten and he was particularly concerned not to play with the girl colors. We grabbed this vet kit with both kids who really want a pet and are fond of being a veterinarian. Another perfect choice is this one from Melissa and Doug

That’s one I finally put it on my toy rotation. The children really enjoy it just for a couple of days, then they need a break. For a few weeks, I’m going to put it on the closet shelf and I will put it down again, if they get ‘bored.’ He’s still a favorite.

3. Telescope. 

We live in a hot weather, and the sky is normally clear so this felt like a well fit for the children (and secretly this is probably more for the father of my sons, and I to enjoy!). We’ve used this endlessly to look the moon throughout the years, and it’s a big hit among adults too! This is a bigger priced item so if your location isn’t conducive to looking at the night stars, you probably want to check at other science options like a microscope or rock kit.

4. Kids Walkie Talkies 3 KMs Long Range 2 Way Radio

Walkie talkies that are working, actually! These help up to 3 km in open conditions, up to 2 km in conditions in the neighborhood. It makes it super fun to pretend playing around the house and outside, particularly when other kids are playing around! My children have made up all kinds of silly games with these.

5. Melissa and Doug Fairy Garden Stamp Set. 

Stamping sets are an easy way to encourage narrative thinking and creative expression. Through a collection of 20 stamps and five colored pencils, my children can create their own unique story on paper. Easy enough for little hands, but still fun for children of early school age.

Here is another one I like to put on rotation, and when the kids do art projects, I’m going to bring this out as a surprise to keep them busy for an hour!

6. Sleeping Queens card game.

Games are a great way to help kids practice executive functioning — ” mental processes that allow us to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and successfully perform multiple tasks. Just as a busy airport air traffic control system safely manages the arrivals and departures of many aircraft on multiple runways, the brain needs this skill set to filter distractions, prioritize tasks, set and achieve targets, and control impulses.”

Other games that our kids love are Race to the Treasure and Outfoxed! They are both cooperative games, so you’ re all working together as a team to win the game.

7. Classic LEGO®

You might be 90 years old and still enjoy building with LEGO®. This classic builder set comes with ideas for things to create and build, but you can use your imagination to build anything. From homes to trucks to horse stables, there is something for every age and every level of development.

8. Kinetic sand. 

This BY FAR is my first open-ended toy of the year!

At my house I had children aged 2-9, and all of them begins to play with it. Groups of children are kept going for HOURS. I’d easily donate that to any baby, preschooler or child in school and I know it’d be a major success.

Unlike Play-Doh, it doesn’t dry out, it’s a minimal mess to clean up, because it’s not like regular sand. Kinetic sand is sticking together. With this box, the kids have done all kinds of creative things. Get low on sand, huh? Just buy a replacement pack of kinetic sand and the supply is brand new.

9. Pretend play capes.

Every playroom should have a couple of costume pieces in the chest or on the wall. Costumes encourage children to immerse themselves in their fantasies and pretend to be someone or something else. With these items, children can turn themselves into any superhero they want. This is the last item of top 10+ best toys for your kids.

This is super affordable because of how many capes you get. Whenever the kids come to the house, they love to grab a cape and play superheroes.


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