I’ve only been up for 15 minutes, and I’ve been dealing with my 3-year-old not listening. My son was standing at the coffee table, banging a cheap plastic maraca, and right across from him, my son was making a headstand at the same time and screaming for me to look at him. You will learn how to Become Your High Energy 3 Year-Old Better Listener

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During the morning commotion, I tried to talk to my friend about a project we were working on. And between messages to her and sips of coffee, I told my son to sit nicely on the couch and gently remove the maraca from my son’s hand and put it in the freezer. Except that…

My 3-year-old wasn’t paying attention

Teaching children how to hear is like hanging out their clothes in a torrential torrent. It takes patience to wait for the storms of power struggles and temper tantrums to see a break in the clouds.

It takes perseverance to look at all the rain and hold out the hope that it will soon stop.

Or also…

It just takes an electric dryer.

Electric dryer

When your 3 year old is out of control, that phrase is handy.

Simply put, this phrase is about the parenting of what the electric dryer is about sopping wet clothes. It’s drying up the energy and giving your kids a better chance to listen more quickly than if you let them hang out to dry. That’s why you have to Become Your High Energy 3 Year-Old Better Listener.

But first of all, you should know that there are two main reasons for phrases to work well in general:

  1. Phrases are consistent and routine. When you use the same parenting phrases again and again, your children will learn your phrases and how to respond or solve a problem in response. Think of phrases as a routine flip on a light switch in the brain.
  2. Phrases are offering short bursts of communication. And we know from science that children respond best—especially younger children—to short, succinct bursts of communication.

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A simple phrase that can help your high energy child.

As my son kept going with the headstands and jumping all over the couch like a kangaroo who landed in Sydney, I knew it was time to stop the 3-year-old from listening to the parenting word.

But before I gave up my sentence. I wanted him to be ready to hear the phrase. I said two quick things to you:

  1. “You’ve got a lot of jumps to get out of here.”
  2. “You could jump in the yellow chair.”

Then I said the golden words.

Immediately, he made his way over to the yellow chair in the living room. And as he planted his feet firmly on the chair cushion, I repeated my phrase three times…

“Get your jumps out.”

“Get your jumps out.”

“Get your jumps out.”

This phrase is perfect for high energy kids and here’s why: We know that simple exercise is a science-based way to improve kids’ behavior.

Kid Jumping

When your child starts to jump, the brain recognizes this as a small stressor. As the heart rate increases, your brain thinks that your child is fighting or fleeing a bad guy down the street. Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) is released to protect his brain from stress.

BDNF is awesome because it’s a natural medicine for healthy brain growth and development. It repairs, protects and improves brain learning and memory capabilities by stimulating neuron growth in multiple areas of the brain. That’s why the kids feel more relaxed, connected, and happy after exercise. So, then you can find the way to Become Your High Energy 3 Year-Old Better Listener.

When your child ignores you, it’s like their brain literally doesn’t work. BDNF can help your child get around the corner.

Why jumping and not something else?

First of all, jumping requires little-to-no instruction, and it doesn’t require me to do a side-by-side exercise, which is particularly useful when I’m cooking dinner or tending to my daughter.

Second, “Get your jumps out” created a consistent way for our son to release his energy quickly. Over time, he started to jump out on the chair without me directing it. When he felt overpowered, he had the tool he needed to solve the problem on his own!

Third, it was within the parental boundary with which we were all right. I’m not a big fan of running or soccer or karate at home, because it usually ends with children hurt and crying. And that doesn’t help at all. But jumping allows kids to release their energy without getting hurt.

Try it today.

Choose a jumping space in your home that works for both you and your child. You want it to be a safe space, but you want it to be a space that your child has easy access to.

My son is allowed to jump on a yellow chair in our living room, but there could be a jumping space anywhere: a bed, a mat on the side of a room, or even a medium cushion on the floor.

If you are not sure where to have your child jump, we bought our son this mini trampoline from Amazon and it was worth every penny!!

Boy on small indoor trampoline

Whenever your high-energy kids can’t listen or focus, direct them to a jumping space and say, “You’ve got a lot of energy to get out of here. You can jump here.” Once they start jumping, encourage them to keep on saying, “Get your jumps out of here. Get your jumps out of here. Jump. Jump. Jump up.”

This may sound ridiculous to you, but it’s made a difference in our home, and if you’re as tired of a mom as I am, then I know you’re open to try just about anything.

As for the kids who are banging maracas on the coffee table, I highly recommend hiding them in the freezer next to the hidden chocolate.

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