It’s getting harder and harder to motivate children to get outside these days. With competing demands for apps, video games and more kids staying inside, it can feel like a huge battle to get kids to play outdoors. So let’s talk about The 10+ Best Outdoor Toys in 2021

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But here’s something.

Getting the kids outside is imperative to their neurological development.

Outdoor children’s toys are an excellent way to encourage the growth of your children’s neurology.

These are some of our favorite outdoor toys for the children to wander into the backyard and enjoy. They’re not going to want to join. I guarantee it! I promise!

1. Amazing Ninja Warrior Obstacle Training Course for Kids

The Ninja Warrior course that is the most flexible and adjustable! The included product line features a unique variety of standard accessories, as well as additional new and exciting accessories including: an additional long monkey bar and a spinning wheel. And this is cheaper than on other pages you can find.

ninja rope for kids playing outside

2. A Good Slackers Ninjaline Wheel

Add that to your Ninjaline for an extra challenge. Combines it with the outdoor ninjaline above. Includes 10-inch heavy duty nylon rope and safety Delta carabineer.

ninja wheel for kids

3. The Best Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

Run, jump and stomp to launch stunt Planes; 100 per cent child powered, no batteries required. Includes three different planes (Looper, Glider and Wildcat) designed by aeronautical engineers to perform a variety of stunts. Looper’s plane is performing giant loops, the plane is flying up to 100 feet, and Wildcat’s plane is performing all kinds of crazy tricks that kids love!

stomp rocket outside toy for kids

4. Ball Pit Tents and Tunnels

This is a bright and vibrant ball pit playhouse obstacle course game. There’s a cool target wall (including 3 dart balls) that makes it fun for kids to play with. Kids can customize the many different combination maze options, keeping this game-play fun and exciting! It works indoors and outdoors.

5. Sand Table, Water Table or Both.

Sand or water tables provide a number of learning benefits for the developing child. They are primarily used for sensory play, but they can also be used for science projects and for pretend or imaginative play. The best thing about sand and water tables is that they’re going to keep your kids busy learning and having fun for hours!

6. Outdoor Game Sets

There are a lot of options in this category, so I’m going to put as many of them here that have caught my kids’ attention. Game sets are a great way to spend family time.

  1. Franklin Sports Combo Set: Badminton, Volleyball, Flip Toss, Horseshoes, Flying Disc
  2. Juegoal 54 Pieces Giant Tumble Tower Blocks Game (basically a big outdoor Jenga set)
  3. Potato Sack Race Set
  4. Ring Toss Yard Game for Kids 
  5. Cornhole, Ladderball Game and Table Combo Set
  6. Giant Wooden Playing Dice Set with Bonus Rollzee and Farkle Scoreboard 

7. BattleChip Versus Golf Game

This is a new hybrid between golf and cornhole for a really fun outdoor game that children and adults like! It’s easy to learn, and it includes rules for a few fun games. Also included are Two 3′ x 2′ Wood Framed Targets, Hitting Mat, 16 Foam Balls, Scorecard and Tote Bag. Set is fully portable and can be used anywhere, which is nice.

8. Original Stand Up Surfing Swing.

Any child or adult is allowed to hop on and jump away. For any height,
there are adjustable handles. Overall, this is great for a little one looking for a quiet swing, and for the big kids looking for excitement.

surfing swing for kids to use in the backyard.

9. The Big Dig Sandbox Digger Excavator Crane

Great for the beach, the backyard, the playground. Pretend that you’re on a big construction site with this sandbox excavator in the backyard. This is a fun sandbox digger that can rotate 360° and has two-handed digging and dumping. Works for all seasons.

sand digger toy for backyard

10. Playtime Patio with Canopy Playhouse

This outdoor playhouse style pavilion lets kids get ready to host their own backyard party. Perfect for social and interactive play, working doors open to let children in and out to play with the included kitchen. It also has sand and water features that can
serve as a dual sand table and a water table.

So know you know The 10+ Best Outdoor Toys in 2021, what are you waiting to have them on your house?


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